Month: October 2012

Old friends and the Old 97’s: Rock, Ritual, and Community

I spent the last few days with old friends. I met my friend John when we were roommates during my first year of grad school. He’s married now, living in Boston with his wife and daughter. We’ve stayed friends over the years even though we have a running joke about seeing each other only every 18 months, or so. John and I became fast friends back in 1999 because of our mutual love of music.  For him, it’s Bruce Springsteen who can’t be topped.  I don’t share the love of Bruce, but I understand.  I understand because for me it’s the Old 97’s, the other friends I hung with in Boston this weekend.

Nobody ever sees the drummer.

Now, the 97’s and I aren’t friends in the common usage of the term.  These days I see them less than I visit with John. I’ve never shared a meal or a drink with them. I’ve never even spoken with them, in fact, but over the last 15 years or so I’ve spent 15 to 20 (I’ve lost count) of the best evenings of my life with them.  (more…)